Our Manage Care Services Can Help

  • Provide a clear understanding of living options and assist in finding the appropriate living arrangements.
  • Oversee the delivery of care and life services to ensure the best quality of life and the highest level of independence.
  • Assistance in understanding long-term care and health insurance benefits.
  • Serve as an objective third party, immune to the pressures of internal family conflict.
  • We regularly check in with our clients and perform on-site quality assurance visits, as necessary, to ensure services are being delivered in accordance with your wishes.

How We Bill For Our Services

Our services are billed based on our time rather than a set monthly payment. We never want you to be surprised by your bill, so we will take time to explain the cost of your services when we review our service agreement with you.

Nevada Advocates Power of Attorney Services

Nevada Advocates can serve as your power of attorney. This allows a neutral third party to assist if you should become incapacitated. This process is fairly quick, much simpler than full-fledged guardianship proceedings, and still allows you professional assistance when you no longer find making decisions easy.

Our POA services provide peace of mind, knowing you are protected should you lose the ability to make your own decisions.

Our professional assessments capture your preferences and wishes, ensuring they are honored should you become unable to express your wishes.

We perform regular check-ins to capture any changes and update your information accordingly.

As independent professionals, we will make decisions in line with your wishes, minimizing family conflict.

We ensure your healthcare providers and financial institutions have copies of your POA. We will fill out any additional required forms those institutions require and make sure they are kept up to date.